Allama Mukhtar Shah Naeemi Ashrafi

  • Great orator, Author Allama Mukhtar Shah Naeemi Ashrafi
  • Khalifah Majaaz Astana Aliya Kachocha Shareef (India)
  • President ISCC (Islamic supreme council) IN USA
  • Vice president: Moon Sighting Committee of North America

Allama Mukhtar Shah Naeemi Ashrafi’ was born in Lahore Pakistan; his father Allama Pir Talib Husain Shah (May Allah send mercy upon him) was also very popular Khateeb in Pakistan.

Allama Naeemi completed his primary and secondary education in Jamia Naeemiyah Lahore. He graduated with a B.A from the University of Punjab, after which he was accepted as a student at the Islamic Naeemiyah University. After completing B.Ed, from Allama Iqbal University Islamabad, he graduated with a MA from the College of Hadith and Islamic Sciences Tanzeem-ul-Madaaris Karachi and MOL Muslim oriental law.

Thereafter, he completed a M.A. in Islamic Theology from the Punjab University. Allama Dr. Safaraaz Naeemi Motivated him to get Islamic Knowledge, so Allama Dr. Sarfarz Naeemi Shahid was his First teacher .Dr sahib taught him Arabic Morphology and Arabic syntax. Allama Mukhtar shah Naeemi Ashrafi started to deliver lecture when he was 19 years old and in 1998 he went to Dubai for speech. He did Umrah in 1998 and in 1999 he performed Hajj by Road. He gave speeches in Makkah and Madinah. In June of 1999, the American Muslim of New York invited him to give speech on Mawlid.

Allama Naeemi Invited for giving lectures in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, Charlotte, Michigan, California San Francisco, live oak, Chicago, Florida, Dallas And Houston. Alhumdulillah since 28th February 2014 he started giving Friday khutbah in Irving.

He visited many countries to propagate Islam including, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Canada (Calgary, Toronto and Montreal), Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Oman, Marrakesh and continues to visit more.


His Father Allama Pir Talib Husain Shah, (May Allaah send mercy on him)
Allama Mufti Muhammad Husain Naeemi (May Allaah send mercy on him)
Dr Sefaraaz Naeemi Al-Azhari Shaheed, (May Allaah send mercy on him)
Syed Yaqoob Shah (May Allaah send mercy on him
Janab Qari Abdul Majeed Ajmal (May Allaah send mercy on him)
Allama Ghulaam Rasool Saeedi, (commentator of Muslim Shareef)
Syed Shah Turab ul Haqq Qadri (of Karachi)
Professor Safder Hayaat Safder (famous Advocate in High court) Janab Professor Shakir sahib ..

Spiritual Guidance:

First Khilafah he received from His Father Pir Talib Husain Shah (May Allah send mercy on him) this ceremony was held in Nonariyan (Multan road Lahore) and at that time a popular speaker named Syed Yaqoob Shah of Phaliyah gave Jubbah Cloak to Allama Naeemi. Second Pir Syed Raza Shah Gilani of Pir Kot Shareef (May Allaah send mercy on him) gave khilaafat to Allama Mukhtar shah Naeemi Ashrafi.
Third Sheikh Ul Islam Allama Pir Syed Madni Miyan Sajjadah Nasheen Astana Aaliyah Kachocha Shareef India gave khilaafat to Allama Mukhtar Shah Naeemi on August 26, 2001 in America. Fourth Pir-e-Tareeqat Hazrat Zubair Naqshbandi Malki Attaasi Alvee Gave Khilaafat to Allama Mukhtar shah, in 2008. Till June 2013, 36 people have accepted Islam through him.


In America Masjid Ghouse Azam Houston Allama Mukhtar Shah Naeemi Ashrafi started his career on September 7, 2000 and with the mercy of Allaah. He has given lectures since 2002 till February 2014 on the radio before Maghreb Azaan. When they merged into Minhaj-ul-Quran, Allama Naeemi Resigned. Now from 28th February 2014 he started giving lecture in Barakat-ul-Quran Center Madrasah Naeemiyah Irving and on radio 1110 -7-30 AM. In Ramadan Allama sahib gives 90 lectures: one during the morning on the radio, second before Maghreb Azaan on the radio and third after Taraaveeh at the mosque and by end of the Month of Ramadan, the total reaches to at least 90 lectures.