Funeral Service

Losing a family member or a friend is devastating . During these tough times, our team at Barkaat ul Quran will be by your side every step of the way and will help you prepare for your loved one’s last journey to meet Allah (SWT). Our Imam is available to perform Janaza prayer at any location of your preference. Barkat ul Qura collaborates with all Islamic funeral homes approved/licensed by the State of Texas to provide funeral services. Additional Services: Soyam & Chelum Soyam is a gathering which is typically held on the 3rd day and Chehlum is normally held on the 40th day after the death of your loved one. The intent of these gathering is Isal e Sawab (Conveying rewards of your good deeds to the deceased) for the deceased. The soyam gathering includes reciting of Qur’an Shareef, Kalma shareef, Darood shareef and passing the reward of all these noble deeds to the deceased. At the end of the gathering Surah’s from Quran and Durood shareef are recited by Imam, as Khatam (ending of the gathering) and congregational Duaa of maghfirah is made. These gatherings are not confined to particular days, times and programmes rather this could be done as and when one wishes. Barkaat ul Quran makes arrangement for these service per your preferences and will cater your requirements to the best of our ability.

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