Nikkah Service

Sunan Ibn Majah 1847 Translation: There is nothing like marriage. In Islam, one officially enters into a marriage; a beautiful, lifelong commitment with the one they hold dearest to them through Nikah. Nikah is considered a blessing bestowed upon us by Allah in Islam, which puts together two people who complete each other and their deen. Nikah Services are alos provided at Barkaat ul Quran. All Nikahs and marriages are officiated by Imam Mukhtaar Shah Naeemi sahab. Procedure: 1. Bring all necessary documents as described in the policy section above 2. communicate with the person in charge via email or phone 3. schedule a meeting with the family to go over the program flow and other requirements 4. Inform the family whether or not the nikah has been approved 5. Barkaat ul Quran mangaement will also send a form to be filled out by the family members. This must be filled out as soon as possible. Policy: 1. All rules and policies must be followed. A refusal of any type could lead to a termination of the program. 2. Only prepacked sweets can be distributed to the guests. 3. Modest attire for all guests and participants and hired photographers are required. anyone violating this rule will be asked to leave the premises. no exceptions. Violations include : (a) Transparent and see-through clothing and (b) Skirts 4. Music/ Nasheed is strictly prohibited. 5. Men and women will have separate seating accommodations.

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